PK Forming is partnering with SAMMET Consulting to take your business to the next level...

[Combining 40(+) years Operational Experience with 25(+) years of Metallurgical/ QA Experience

= 65+ years of valued knowledge]

PK Forming/ SAMMET Consulting partners with Senior Leaders of metals processing businesses to overcome product or process improvement barriers so they can build sustainable world-beating metals processes without loss or compromise of in-house resource…
PK Forming/ SAMMET offers partnerships across Metals processing and Quality, as illustrated:

  • Do you struggle to find responsive, good quality materials engineering resource? Perhaps you’ve experienced un-identifiable material defects in one of your products, or maybe you’ve had critical failures that were in-sufficiently explained?
  • What if your main product line is dependent on component supply from an un-reliable source – could the component manufacture be brought in-house? Could the material alloy/grade be changed to enable secure supply?
  • Do you feel frustrated that you are unable to give quality time to research and development activities? Do you see competitor products as opportunities for in-house manufacture and improvement?
  • Ever found maintenance delays from being unable to source key components to complete critical tasks? - Do you have aging process equipment with obsolete components?
  • Is your Quality Manual difficult to follow, making audits excessively long and leading to unnecessary nonconformances? Are your accreditation audits dreaded by employees and auditors alike?


Engage with SAMMET Consulting as your trusted, independent partner in metals, products and processes.

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