Schuler Presses UK

Schuler Presses UK is the largest company servicing the pressing industry in the UK and offers comprehensive services for mechanical and hydraulic presses made by Schuler and many other, Schuler owned press brands (*) as well as for presses made by other press manufacturers.

Our customers are OEM automobile manufactures and their suppliers, appliance manufactures, forging companies, electric motor and lamination manufactures and general metal pressings companies.

Due to the many years of Service and Sales experience within in the metal pressing industry Schuler UK's Field Service and Design Team is able to provide our customers solutions to install, inspect, maintain, repair, rebuild, and refurbish presses, press components and press automation equipment either on customer premises or in our own facility in Walsall.

We supply our customers spare parts based on original equipment drawings and manufacture those spare parts here in England whenever possible.
Test rigs for power press clutch & brake testing are set up in our workshop ready to receive customers clutch & brake units for insurance testing or testing following repairs or refurbishments.

Our 1,100 square meter workshop is equipped with overhead cranes to lift 25 tonnes. The 70 meter long workshop allows us to set up entire presses and automation equipment including feed lines and levelers for run off press system as they will be installed then on our customers premises.

(*) Schuler owned press manufacturing brands: Schuler, Mueller-Weingarten, Clearing International, Verson Wilkins, Wilkins & Mitchell, Bronx, Clearing, Bliss, Niagara, Spiertz, Beche, SMG, GMG, Hydrap, Schaefer, Schleicher, Erfurt, Eitel and Beutler.