World Leading Supplier of Ultrasonic Inspection Systems

ScanMaster is a global leader in the development, design and manufacture of automated ultrasonic inspection systems. Our technologically innovative systems have been installed with prime customers worldwide.

Each ScanMaster ultrasonic inspection system has a number of core modules which are integrated in application-specific configurations delivering the right solution to address the specific requirements and relevant standards. These modules include advanced industrial PC-based digital ultrasonic instrumentation, mechanical manipulation systems, servo-motion control hardware and production-oriented software packages.

With more than three decades of inspection system expertise, ScanMaster has built up a large, knowledgeable and strong team of experts with diverse technology skills and application expertise. Delivering inspection systems to critical applications, our strong commitment to quality, service and customer support has been a cornerstone to our success.


Ultrasonic Immersion Systems

  • High throughput multi-shift operations (industrial or Lab.)
  • Fully integrated conventional and phased-array technologies
  • High accuracy, multi-axis scanning frames, incorporating multi-channel ultrasonic instruments with exceptional performance
  • Applications: turbine engine discs, bars, shafts, billets and plates
  • Automated systems approved by all major manufacturers.
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Ultrasonic Testing of Composites

  • 'Squirter' inspection systems
  • Automated inspection of multi-layered parts of complex geometry, including double curvatures and varying thickness, made of metal or composite materials
  • Applications: complex aero structure parts, stringers, webs, flanges and more.
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Pipe and Tube Ultrasonic Testing

  • Automated inline systems, testing raw material and welded pipe, with no impact on production throughput
  • Offline systems for finished pipe testing
  • Robust and reliable ultrasonic configurations for a variety of production technologies
  • Intuitive software, providing accurate results and eliminating false indications
  • Applications: helical-welded pipe, longitudinal-welded pipe, electro resistance welded pipe, bespoke systems.
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Plate Ultrasonic Testing

  • Rolled aluminium and titanium plate testing systems for aerospace applications
  • Field-proven, high throughput systems - a complete solution for material testing and handling
  • Conventional or phased-array technologies, incorporating advanced features for plate scanning, data acquisition, defect evaluation and reporting
  • Capable of meeting established standards, such as: AMS STD2154, ASTM B 594, ASTM E 2375, BSS 7055 and ABP-6-5232.
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Rail Inspection

  • Self-propelled in-situ inspection of metro and underground rails
  • Simultaneous inspection of both rails, using multiple probes for maximal coverage of the rail profile
  • Inspection at speeds of up to 20km/h.
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Bearing Inspection

  • Immersion systems designed to meet stringent bearing inspection requirements
  • Fully integrated, high throughput automated systems, including all applicable handling and alignment systems
  • Fully automated process, with efficient 'Teach-in' function and offline part programming from imported CAD files
  • Application areas: high speed train and wind turbine bearings.
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Large Forging Inspection

  • Efficient and reliable systems for large axis-symmetrical forgings
  • Highly functional, rugged mechanics incorporating part rotating platform and robotic arm capable of accommodating multiple transducers to minimise inspection times
  • Phased-array or conventional technologies, according to customer standard requirements
  • Fully automated part inspection, including set ups, data acquisition, data analysis and reporting
  • Applications: large discs and shafts for land-based turbines.
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Spot Weld Ultrasonic Testing

  • Fast and highly effective characterisation of spot-welded structures
  • Capable of detecting deteriorations in the welding process, allowing early implementation of corrective actions to prevent process failures and potential plant downtime
  • Main application in automotive bodies, enclosures and furniture.
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Summary of ScanMaster’s Ultrasonic Testing Capabilities…