Since 1961 GLAMA is known as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions for the material handling and production of steel, copper and light metal industry. Our material handling solutions enables our clients to just produce better, faster and more reliable which allow them to pick up new challenges and market opportunities with great success.

You will find GLAMA a solution provider that enables you to reach your targets, take care of the environment and enable you to take your next innovative step in mechanisation or automation of your production line. For this reason, our experts not only work together with you, but also with many of the known industry partners in order to supply you the best, effective, low cost reliable solution for your production line. Whether your project is an upgrade of an existing transporter or manipulator, lowering your production cost by introducing tending equipment or the transport of slag, metal or a full greenfield or brownfield expansion of your production. Be sure, we are your most trusted partner, that stands for quality, innovation, robustness and service within the tight environmental restrictions of your operations.

It is for this reason that year in year out GLAMA invested in its product line and people that create our solutions. We continue to strive to offer you the best solutions within the good tradition of German "Meisterschaft", Innovation and Full Machine Integration up to the requirements of Industry 4.0. Powered by Innovation we dare to make a difference. A difference that counts in order to add value, pride and make your production a pleasant working environment and an asset to the community that supports your facilities. Powered by Innovation with solid roots in Gladbeck and industry, we know what solutions will add value within your production environment.


Forging Manipulators

  • Railbound - precise and flexible, allowing for full integration into computer-controlled, high performance forging or heat treatment process lines. Can be manual-operated but increasingly supplied as a fully automated handling solution.
  • Heavy duty robot manipulators - precise and robust, combining the advantages of linear guide and articulated robotics to deliver fully integrated, high-performance process lines.
  • Mobile - flexible, compact and highly robust, enabling the transfer and rotation of complex shapes in a large range of sizes.