Schuler Forging Technologies

The right solution for every part: Process and system technology from Schuler puts you ahead of the game when it comes to international competition and quality.

From component development and method planning through to die engineering and the commissioning of efficient production systems.  As a leading supplier in cold, warm and hot forging, Schuler offer you a full service from a single source. The integration of the Müller Weingarten and Bêché brand names has strengthened the product range even more.

The growing significance of forging in a number of future industries is owed to technical innovations that have emerged in the last few years. Among them are hydraulic forging presses that utilize EHF (efficient hydraulic forming) technology and the Schuler linear hammer with Servo drive technology for reduced energy requirements and greater flexibility, precision and cost-effectiveness.

All Schuler systems can be tailored to any level of automation and Industry 4.0 functionality.

Temperature range illustration

Schuler Forging Technology

  • Reduction, extrusion, ironing, open or closed die forging, piercing and trimming...
  • Mechanical forging presses including servo-driven upsetters
  • Screw presses
  • Forging hammers – Counter Blow and Servo Driven Drop Hammers
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Schuler Hydraulic Forging Technology

  • Hydraulic forging presses – Ring Blanking and Multifunctional
  • Isothermal forming presses for the aerospace industry
  • Super plastic forming presses (SPF) for the aerospace industry
  • Hot presses for the aerospace industry
  • Hot deep drawing presses (HDD) for the aerospace industry
  • Composite presses
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Schuler Stamping and Cutting Technology

  • Servo-driven Stamping and Cutting Press technology
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Schuler Service Support

Service of Schuler Forging equipment:

  • General service/ maintenance
  • Press/ hammer modernisation
  • Used forging equipment
  • 24/7 Support
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A part of me. Forging with Schuler.