Experts in Thermal Management

Electrotherm Industry is a world leading company in thermal turn-key solutions. Our specialty is in providing continuous and automation equipment. Electrotherm's activity focuses on designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing premium industrial thermal process solutions for various industries such as Aviation, Medical, Energy etc. which apply to the highest and most strict standards in the world. Thus, Electrotherm products are well known for their exquisite quality and accuracy.

Electrotherm was established in 1936. Since then it gained great experience in manufacturing according to the highest standards and quality with special attention to client's needs and requirements. It constantly developing new capabilities and expands to new markets, based upon its expertise in accommodating customer needs in highly regulated industries and its reputation as an innovator of thermal industrial equipment.

Electrotherm addresses the specific needs of each industry with dedicated solutions based on the common core of stringent precision process requirements.
Since its foundation, Electrotherm has dominated the domestic market and with the new millennium has evolved into an international supplier of thermal process solutions. Hundreds of Electrotherm furnaces can be found almost in every continent in the plants of satisfied customers who receive not only quality products, but professional and accessible service which is available even after the installation of the purchased equipment was finished.

With Electrotherm, you will find all pre-heat and heat treatment solutions in one place.


Rotary Hearth Furnaces

Small Rotary Hearth Furnace
Large Rotary Hearth Furnace
Aluminium Rotary Hearth Ovens

Box Furnaces

High Temperature Box Furnaces
Low Temperature Box Ovens

Car Bottom Furnaces

High Temp. Car Bottom Furnaces
Low Temperature Car Bottom Ovens

Drop Bottom

Drop bottom furnace

Quenching Tanks

Quenching Tank Water-Oil

Pit Furnaces

Pit furnace

Conveyor Furnaces

Conveyor furnaces ELCR

Retort Furnaces

Retort furnace ELRT

Composite Thermal Solutions

Curing Ovens

Hardening Process Solution

Hardening process system

Vacuum Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace

Fluxless Mg Recycling Systems