Quality Support

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  • Quality Management System (QMS) definition and maintenance for AS / ISO / UKAS / Nadcap - planning for success.
  • Internal audit for quantifiable process monitoring.
  • Nadcap support [Metallic Materials Manufacturing, Heat Treatment, Materials Test Labs, NDT].
  • Forged component fixed process definition and approval [material purchase-billet cut/ preparation-forging-machining-heat treatment-NDT-shipment]
  • Data-based decision-making:
    • Conformance monitoring for continuous improvement.
    • Supplier monitoring - data assessment/ audits/ approval/ maintenance.
    • Six Sigma studies in support of: process capability assessment - statistical process control (SPC) or defect removal.
    • New part introduction - PPAP or equivalent.
    • Process Risk Assessment (pFMEA).
    • Measurement Systems Analyses (MSA).

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