WF Technology

  • Metal Flow Forming
  • Metal Shear Forming
  • Metal Spinning

With our machines and processes we can cover the following product ranges

V-belt pulleys and torsional vibration dampers

  • Split-, Folding- and Poly-V-Pulleys
  • Poly-V-Pulleys with sensor wheel profile


  • Air conditioning systems
  • Torsional vibration damper pulleys
  • Viscous damper components

Machines and processes for the production of
Hubs on motor / transmission components

  • Disc and hybrid carriers
  • Pulleys, e.g. for air conditioning systems
  • Torsional vibration dampers
  • CVT-gearbox components Crown gear / Plane contours on motor and gearbox components
  • Cooling fins and plane contours on torsional vibration dampers

Rim rings, wheels and wheel discs
Machines and processes for the production of

  • Fully profiled wheel rims Passenger car / Truck / Bus / ATV / Light- and heavy duty vehicles / Special wheels
  • Weight optimized wheel rims Passenger car / Truck / Bus
  • Wheel discs Truck / Bus
  • Aluminium wheels (forged or cast) Passenger car / Truck / Bus

Flow-turning and flow-forming parts
Machines and processes for production of

  • Internally toothed clutch and transmission components
  • Passenger car / Truck / Bus / Tractors (Farm equipment) and Earth moving (construction equipment)

Rotationally symmetrical parts

  • Aviation and aerospace technology
  • Power / Environmental technology
  • Defence technology

High-pressure gas cylinders
Machines and processes for the production

  • Respiratory applications
  • Automotive
  • Firefighting applications
  • Gas transportation
  • Beverage industry
  • Machine building
  • Medical applications
  • Cutting- and welding technology
  • Environmental technology

Special Processes
Machines and processes for
Edge thickening of

  • Starter ring gears / Flex plates
  • Clutch and gearbox parts Profiling / necking-in / edge processing
  • Air spring components
  • Airbag inflation cylinders

WF-Maschinenbau – VDM 200 – Vertical Flow Forming Machine